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            *** Free Shipping* for orders over $100 ***
            (*except for a flat $10 shipping on gallons)

Welcome to Woodshop Mercantile™

Bringing tools and supplies to woodworkers
in the North Bay and Redwood Empire.

There are two ways to shop Woodshop Mercantile
– You can shop and order products from the online store at any time.*
   Payment for your order can be made at the mobile store.
– You can catch the mobile store when it comes to your community.

Where is the mobile store?
– The mobile store uses real-time GPS tracking.
The mobile store travel itinerary appears at the top of this page.
 When on the road, the store location appears on the map next to the itinerary.

– The best way to see the mobile store in your community is to create an account.
– Future itineraries will be shaped by your responses and will be frequently
   updated with new locations and schedules.

– Although I offer a good variety of tools and supplies the mobile
   store can only hold so much!

– “Stock on-board” numbers indicate if you can pick up from the mobile
   store immediately or if I need to order it for you.

– If you don't see it ask!

– You may select your purchases and pay at the mobile store when you pickup.
Be advised that I do not carry cash and will only accept checks from persons I know.

*Shipping information
– Shipping is avaliable by special arrangement only.
– If you cannot connect with the mobile store on the road
   drop me a note and we’ll figure something out.

I look forward to meeting you at the mercantile.

Don Ketman, Proprietor