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Anyone working with wood veneers and/or bent wood lamination ends up turning to Unibond products from VacuPress for the superior performance, no-creep bond. Woodshop Mercantile maintains a small inventory of these products and accessories for the convenience of North Bay woodworkers.




UnibondOne is a one part PVA glue specially formulated for wood veneer. Use UnibondOne where an extra hard glue line and mimimal creep is required. No mixing, no bleed through and longer open time than Unibond800.


Unibond800 is a two part liquid urea resin glue, the industry standard for veneering glues. Use Unibond800 for veneering/laminating tight curves or demanding environmental conditions demanding the highest bond performance.

  • The mobile store carries 1 gallon(1) and 1/2 gallon(1) in the cold box. Advance notice is required for delivery of greater quantity.
  • To assure proper bonding, Unibond800 should not be used below 70° F so allow time for the resin to warm to this temprature.
  • To prolong the shelf life of Unibond800 Woodshop Mercantile maintains a small quantity under refigeration at all times. High turnover and low temprature storage assures fresh inventory when you need it!
  • For local pick-up only: A shipping charge of $10/gallon ($5/half gal) will be added to your after tax total to cover my freight cost. Please contact me if you need Unibond shipped to you.

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