FeatherPRO Stndard Replacement Feathers

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Product Overview

The feather component of the FeatherPRO hold-down is replaceable as well as swappable to a higher tension material with more force in hold-down mode. The standard material deflects less so the workpiece is pushed harder into the fence or tabletop.


• EVA high density foam material in the feather component is very strong and durable

• Feather foam will not mar softwoods, like other featherboards, when high tension is applied

• Unique feather component is pressed into the FeatherPRO body so you can easily replace foam feathers or reverse feed direction quickly

• Choose Standard Feather component to apply more tension to workpiece

• Includes two feather components only, requires single featherboard or dual stackable unit to use these as complete featherboards


(No reviews yet) Write a Review